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  • Right to information - including contact parts to the Data Protection Officer (DPO), the prospects for processing Personal Information, and the rights of the individual.
  • Right to rectification
  • Right to access the Personal Data that is processed
  • Right to data portability concerning the Personal Information furnished to RGSS 
  • Right to the restraint of processing
  • Right to object (opt-out) to processing (unless RGSS otherwise has compelling legitimate spots)
  • Right to erasure (”Right to be disremembered”)


RGSS shall aim to put up only such information on the site, as it has confirmed from the NGOs, or otherwise as being true to the best of their understanding and belief. However, RGSS does not acquire any liability due to a lack of accuracy of information or data presented. Any liabilities emerging out of any act or omission by a visitor to this website, by relying on or using the information furnished on this site, shall be individual to such visitor's account. RGSS will endeavor to ensure that the NGOs send tax exemption certificates along with feedback reports to the donors within flexible time limits. Aatmnirbharsena.org shall exercise logical influence at its command, including removal of non-compliant NGOs from the site, if, in its opinion, the situation justifies such action. However, RGSS is indemnified by donors on this site, from any liabilities resulting from non-compliance by the Non-governmental organizations. 

RGSS repudiates any liability, legal or otherwise, that may awake due to the act, omission or otherwise of any visitor to this site, or induced by the same. Visitors to the website confirm that RGSS is genuinely a "facilitator" for transactions between the NGOs and visitors. As such, it stands indemnified from any liabilities that may occur due to the same.

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