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The word 'Gaurakshak' is a combination of two pious terms in the books of Sanatan Culture, i.e., Gau and 'Rakshak.' Gau stands for mother cows, while Rakshak stands for protector or saviour. A Gaurakshak is an individual who works with determination and utmost passion to protect the mother cows from cattle mafias and slaughterhouses. Gauraksha means protection of divine moo creatures. At Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh, we are building a team of Gaurakshaks who are devoted to the transformation of mother cows and aiming to ensure their protection.

According to the Holy Scriptures and religious books, people who are immersed in activities related to Gauraksha are Gaurakshaks, and they are considered fortunate since they are chosen by God for the welfare of innocent indigenous cow breeds. It is assumed that they are being sent by Lord Shri Krishna as the messenger to serve mother cows and offer them protection. Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh is an initiative taken by Shri Narendra Kumar to provide a platform to the people who are enthusiastic about protecting mother cows and safeguarding their interests and rights.

Our Gaurakshaks are deeply engrossed in their work, and thus, we successfully rescued thousands of cows from the India-Bangladesh border and saved 1, 20,000+ mother cows from the hands of slaughterhouses and cattle smugglers. Our Gaurakshak wing is consistently active, and the members are leaving no stone unturned in transforming the lives of mother cows.

Lord Shri Krishna, the Protector and Gaurakshak, admired by one and all

Lord Shri Krishna is always remembered and portrayed as the friend and protector of cows. When we imagine Lord Shri Krishna in our mind, we witness the picture of him along with mother cows and calves as his companion.

Once, Lord Indra got enraged with the folks of Braj and punished them by pouring heavy rains. In order to save the folks of Braj, Lord Shri Krishna raised the Govardhan Mountain on his little finger. In the Vedic scriptures, this divine incident is popularly regarded as Govardhan Leela, and Lord Shri Krishna got a new title of Govardhandhari or Giridhari (Mountain Lifter). Our adorable "Makhan Chor (Kanha)" lifted Govardhan for seven, and on the eighth day, Indra Ji acknowledged his fault and sought forgiveness from Lord Shri Krishna. At that time, the godly mother cow Surbhi showered milk on Indra and announced Shri Krishna as Govinda, who is represented as the Lord of cows. Lord Shri Krishna is also known by the name Gopala, one who looks after cows.

It is believed that if you devote your time to portraying the role of a Gaurakshak and serving mother cows, you will receive the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna.

Meet Shri Narendra Kumar Ji, who is Forming a Gaurakshak Wing under Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh

After taking part in several rounds of discussions with his team members, the Founder of Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh, Shri Narendra Kumar Ji has decided to form a Gaurakshak wing that will mainly focus on the protection of mother cows. He initiated Hindrise Gaushala and Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh with the objective of rescuing mother cows from the hands of slaughterhouse owners and cattle mafias and providing justice to them.

Narendra Kumar Ji said, "We ensure that we are demanding strong laws and provision of punishment for cattle mafias, cow smugglers, and those who are running slaughterhouses illegally. Besides this, we are on a cow rescue mission through which we are aiming to protect the cows from cow smugglers and make a strategy to ensure that no indigenous cow will reach the gate of slaughterhouses. Also, recently with the help of our team members, we successfully saved the lives of 200+ desi indigenous cows during the Yamuna flood in July 2023. Our team of Gaurakshaks will be ready for future disasters, and we are ready with our plans to deal with the uncertainties of nature. We are inviting people to become a part of Rashtriya Gausevak Sangh and serve as a Gaurakshak."

Roles of a Gaurakshak

The significant roles of a Gaurakshak are mentioned below-

Rescuing Mother Cows from Illegal Slaughter

Gaurakshaks are often involved in patrolling highways and streets to look for trucks transporting innocent cows for slaughter in an illegal manner. When they come across such vehicles, they either report to the police or make efforts to stop them.

Our team of Gaurakshaks are involved in advocating for better laws to protect mother cows. It may involve filing lawsuits and demanding the creation of strict laws for cattle mafias and cow smugglers.

Criteria to Join as a Gaurakshak

Given below are the criteria that should be fulfilled in order to join as a Gaurakshak-

  • If you feel that cows are sacred creatures and they must be protected
  • If you are willing to work hard with utmost passion to serve mother cows and fulfil their needs
  • If you are physically fit and you have courage in your heart to come ahead and protect mother cows
  • If you are willing to encourage folks around you to join the League of cow protectors
  • If you are ready to participate proactively in protests and fight for the right of cows without fear in your heart
  • If you are enthusiastic about rescuing mother cows from the chain of slaughterhouses and cattle smugglers
  • If you are willing to stand with us and extend support to mother cows during floods, cyclones, heat waves, and other natural calamities
  • If you are living with a faith that you can emerge as a true cow activist who can transform the life of mother cows

Significant Points of Differences between Gausevak and Gaurakshak

# Aspect Gaurakshak Gausevak
1 Role Proactively working with the objective of protecting mother cows Consistently working with the objective of serving and taking care of mother cows
2 Focus Controlling the cases of illegal slaughter and rescuing mother cows from slaughterhouses as well as hands of cattle mafias Providing cows with water, organic feed, shelter, and meeting their healthcare requirements
3 Activities Raising awareness about cow protection, advocating for the rights of the cows, involvement in patrolling activity, and organizing protests Watering, feeding, medical attention and support, managing cow cuddling sessions and farm visit activity
3 Cultural Context Upholding religious, spiritual and cultural beliefs associated with divine mother cows Meeting the basic requirements of mother cows
3 Responsibility Preventing harm or danger to cows Ensuring that our mother cows are comfortable, healthy, and in a better space
3 Emphasis Cow protection movements, the battle for their rights, and maintaining their social and religious value Taking Cow Welfare and the well-being of amazing moo creatures into consideration

If you want to join our Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh team as a Gaurakshak, reach out to us at- 7303409010

गौ संवर्धन एवं संरक्षण हमारा राष्ट्रीय दायित्व है। सनातन संस्कृति को बचाने और गौराष्ट्र के निर्माण के लिए ज्यादा से ज्यादा संख्या में गौरक्षकों को आगे आना होगा।



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