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The word ‘Gausevak’ is a holy combination of two words ‘Gau’ and ‘Sevak.’ The ‘Gau’ stands for divine cows, the most respected, loved, and worshipped animal in Sanatan Culture. The ‘Sevak’ stands for the caretaker or servant. The Gausevak refers to a caretaker or servant who is immersed completely in the service of mother cows. Gauseva means service of or taking care of cows.

It is mentioned in our Vedic scriptures and religious books that folks who get the opportunity to work as a Gausevak are blessed and fortunate. Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh, an associate unit of Hindrise Gaushala, is working for the welfare of mother cows. This organization is consistently cultivating the feelings of Gauseva in the heart of a major chunk of the population. We are making Gau Sevak Dals and Gau Rakshak Dals to preserve our desi cow breeds such as Gir, Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Rathi, etc. and make the arrangement of shelter for abandoned and stray cows surviving anyhow against all the odds.

Currently, we are working all day and night for 500+ mother cows, and we believe that this is just the beginning of our Gauseva. We have to transform the fortune of the maximum number of mother cows residing in different parts of India.

Lord Shri Krishna, the Real Gausevak who Inspired Millions of Cow Lovers

The love of Lord Shri Krishna for cows can’t be defined in a few words. Several stories indicate that Lord Shri Krishna was fond of mother cows and calves and used to spend significant moments of his life with the innocent moo creatures. In order to grab the attention of mother cows, he used to produce melodious music using his flute. As per the Vedic tales, the cows that came close to the heart of Lord Shri Krishna are Ganga, Pisangi, Hamsi, Mangala, and other cows.

Cows were mesmerized by the graceful and peaceful music produced by Lord Shri Krishna. In the religious books, Lord Shri Krishna was portrayed as a cowherd and the real Gausevak. It is clearly showcased in the Vedic scriptures that Lord Krishna was familiar with all the cows of the village and knew them by their names. He used to chase the divine cows and call them by their names. He was popular by the names Gopala and Govinda, which mean “friend & protector of cows.” He is considered to have demonstrated the importance and value of cow worship through his actions as well as teachings. During the golden days of Lord Shri Krishna, cows were considered sacred and were never slaughtered or mistreated in age-old Hindu society.

If you want to express your love and emotions toward amazing mother cows, start showering love and taking care of them. Also, it’s a way through which you can make Lord Shri Krishna happy.

Meet Shri Narendra Kumar Ji, who is Forming a Gausevak Wing under Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh

After several rounds of discussions with his team members, Shri Narendra Kumar Ji decided to form a Gausevak wing that will primarily focus on meeting the daily needs of mother cows. He initiated Hindrise Gaushala to provide housing and healthcare facilities to abandoned and stray cows with the objective of improving their lives by equipping their lives with veterinary support and nutritious organic fodder.

The basic objective of the Gausevak wing is to serve the mother cows and provide a safe and dignified life for them. This wing will take the responsibility of reaching out to injured cows or cows in adverse situations and extend timely help to them. From making the arrangement for their fodder to providing them with healthcare assistance and the right treatment and cleaning the cow shed, the members of the Gausevak wing will proactively work all day and night.

Shri Narendra Kumar Ji, the founder of Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh, said, “We are blessed with a number of cow volunteers in our team. Recently, we successfully saved the lives of 200+ mother cows amidst the Yamuna flood in July 2023. We are thankful to our gausevaks who left no stone unturned in fighting hard against the flood. Natural calamities can take place anytime. Thus, we need to be ready in advance to tackle such challenges in the future course of time. We are establishing Gau sevak wing and connecting with people who are passionate about serving mother cows. The wing will perform its tasks in different states, and the coordination between the Gausevaks will take place on the call. Furthermore, the virtual meeting will take place every month to analyze the situation and discuss what can be done to improve the lives of mother cows.”

Criteria to Join as a Gausevak

Given below are the criteria that must be fulfilled in order to join as a Gausevak-

  • If you have deep love and respect in your heart for cows and you are willing to devote your energy and time to serving the mother cows.
  • If you think that you can handle divine moo creatures with understanding and care.
  • If you are determined to enhance the lives of cows and committed to the cause of cow care.
  • If you can’t stop yourself from crying after seeing tears in the eyes of mother cows.
  • If you consider mother cows as a significant part of your family and you can’t live without them.
  • If you want to circulate the message of cow care as well as welfare in society, then you can join as a Gausevak.
  • If you are fond of cows and want to increase your knowledge about mother cows and their feed requirement.
  • If you are seeking true companionship and consider yourself a cow lover.

Major Differences between Gausevak and Gaurakshak

Even though Gausevak and Gaurakshak work for the welfare of cows, there is a thin line of differences between their approaches. The key differences between Gausevak and Gaurakshak are given below-

# Aspect Gausevak Gaurakshak
1 Role Proactively involved in serving and taking care of cows Proactively involved in ensuring protection of cows
2 Activities Watering, feeding, medical attention and support Raising awareness, advocating for the rights of the cows, and patrolling
3 Focus Providing water, feed, shelter, and medical aid Preventing cases of illegal slaughter and rescuing cows from slaughterhouses and hands of cattle mafias
3 Emphasis Cow Welfare and well-being Cow protection, battle for their rights, and sanctity
3 Cultural Context Fulfilling the practical requirement of cows Upholding religious and cultural beliefs associated with mother cows
3 Responsibility Ensuring cows are comfortable, healthy, and in a better space Preventing harm or danger to cows

If you want to join our Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh team as a Gausevak, reach out to us at- 7303409010

ह्रदय में प्रेम, करुणा, एवं सम्मान का भाव रखके यदि आप गौ माता की सेवा एवं आराधना करेंगे तो आपके जीवन में यश, कीर्ति, एवं सौभाग्य का द्वार खुल जायेगा।



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