Objectives of Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh

The significant objectives of Rashtriya Gau Sevak Sangh are-
  • Help common people to set up dairy farms & Gaushalas and assist them in leveraging the advantages of technology
  • To create employment opportunities with increased emphasis on Desi Gaupalan
  • Train and Empower Youth to work for the welfare of mother cows
  • Organize cow breeding and conservation programme
  • To form a team that can proactively participate in disaster response activities to protect cows
  • To establish Gaushalas for abandoned and stray cows
  • To ensure 24X7 Cow ambulance facility in Delhi NCR, Bihar, and different parts of India
  • To open hospitals for the timely treatment of mother cows
  • To form a network of famous bulls and maintain their breed record
  • To honour the dairy farmers and gaushala owners
  • To build our team in every district. This work will begin from 10 districts in the first phase.
  • To equip the dairy farming businesses with modern technology that is available with Hindrise Gaushala
  • To provide a platform for the sale of products made from cow urine, cow dung and milk
  • To form a network of Gausevaks and veterinary doctors
  • To establish a Telehealth call centre for the mother cows
  • To create a provision of severe punishment for cow offenders
  • Taking proper care of donations and training to make our connected Gaushalas self-sufficient
  • To work for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a Gau Universe in which we will create a team of Gausevaks and dairy farmers to help them serve the cows a life full of hope and respect. We are taking significant leaps in the direction of creating a crossroads that entails- Cow Protection and cow shelter, Dairy Farming, Promoting Gauseva as a profession, and bringing the wave of self-employment.

Our Vision

  • Building a progressive society where people will start recognizing the worth of cows, connecting dairy farmers and entrepreneurs on a single platform
  • Creating self-employment opportunities in the "Gaupalan field" that will eventually help us win the battle against unemployment and poverty
  • Bringing the lost blissful days and grandeur of mother cow back to its original state as it was in the Yug of Lord Krishna
  • Our vision is to provide shelter to 5 lakh+ desi cows and give them a better environment for survival.
  • Feed the cow initiative is an integral part of our vision. The desire is to serve organic green fodder rich in terms of nutrients to abandoned and destitute cows.
  • We are running a massive campaign of 3P of cow welfare. The 3P entails the protection, preservation & parenting of Indian desi cow breeds.
  • Upliftment of the lives of Mother Cows struggling to survive amid the hardships and challenges coming on the way
  • Our philosophy is "Giving selfless love and Seva to Gaumatas."



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